Thailand’s first renewable energy pumpstation completed!

Thailand’s first renewable energy pumpstation completed!

Last week we completed Thailand’s very first renewable energy pump station. This makes us very proud of our team, and very grateful for the crucial support of EEP Mekong.

The Project:

  • turns wastewater into biogas and advanced biofuels,
  • replaces fossil fuels with renewable and clean energy,
  • upgrades biogas to clean car fuel, aka renewable natural gas, and

sells the sustainable fuel at Thailand’s very first commercial-scale renewable energy-based pump station.

What is more, the Project:

  • makes energy more affordable in poorest Thailand, and
  • contributes towards 15 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We hope this demonstration plant will be a catalyst for growth in similar renewable energy projects in the region.  Check out latest developments at

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