Biogas projects are crucial in the fight against climate change

Reducing emissions of so-called super pollutants – that are far more potent but less prevalent, than carbon dioxide – could be the most efficient way to slow the rate of near-term global warming. Methane, that is released by open ponds of agro factories, is one of the worst. According to UN IPCC study, methane is 86 times more harmful than CO2 over the first 20 years in the atmosphere.

Biogas projects are an efficient way of reducing methane emission as such projects capture methane that otherwise would be vented, and uses the methane to reduce oil consumption or to produce green electricity. 

Biogas projects protect water resources and improve health of locals

Biogas projects protect water resources by efficiently cleaning wastewater  from agro-industry factories and preventing wastewater spills.

Biogas projects improve the health of locals by reducing air pollution, and safeguarding water resources. 

Expressed in terms of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), biogas projects can contribute towards at least the following 15 of the 17 SDGs: