Biogas – safe and cost competitive energy storage

Biogas – safe and cost competitive energy storage

Energy storage is a game changer for renewable energy. With 20 % storage capacity in grid, many countries wont need fossil fuels. Several technologies exists for energy storage ranging from lithium batteries to crane towers inspired by pumped hydro. Prices are still high however they are falling fast like they did for solar energy in the past. We have seen this movie before.

Our way of storing energy is cost competitive already today. We store energy in biogas form, prior to conversion to electricity, inside our biogas reactor. Thanks to our new design with efficiently partitioned cover sheet, we can safely store up to 50 000Nm3 of biogas, enough to run 3 MW gen sets during peak hours for 2 days. This allows us to maximize revenues and is good for the grid too.

Biogas can once upgraded be compressed for more compact storage. Upgrading of biogas refers to removal of CO2, and increasing methane content of biogas to 88% or higher. At our site in Korat, Thailand, we upgrade daily 20 000 Nm3 of biogas to produce 9 000 kgs of CBG, aka renewable natural gas (RNG). We have a storage capacity of 4.5 t. Please see picture.

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